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Exhibition calendar

Radio - Made in Finland

The exhibition explores the journey of the Finnish radio from an exclusive luxury item to an integral part of the interior design of a Finnish home.

The advances in radio technology were reflected in the design too. Radios were designed to match the interior of a typical Finnish home. For a long time, Finnish radio design was dictated by the technical function of the receiver and influenced by foreign design solutions. Domestic radio models were marketed with the slogan "Made in Finland for Finland".

As the size of the radio receivers grew due to the tube technique, the radio gained status as an important interior design element in Finnish living rooms. After the new transistor technique was introduced, the size of the radios decreased again. Portable transistor radios enabled the listeners to receive their favourite broadcasts at the comfort of a summer cottage or in a car as well.

Even though radio receivers are no longer manufactured in Finland, the radio lives on in the hands of Finnish designers. The Radio 08, designed by Mikael Silvanto, turns the act of tuning into the main design feature of the radio.


Lahti City Museum, Radio and TV Museum
Address: Radiomäenkatu 38, 15100 Lahti

Tel./museum (03) 814 4512

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