• The Bakery

    The Bakery

    Fiskars Museum

    Old baking and mangle house with items still in use

    1.4.2007 - 31.12.2027

  • City of Colorful Cloth

    City of Colorful Cloth

    Forssa museum

    Refreshed Forssa Museum has opened with the new exhibition "Kirjavan Kankaan Kaupunki "(City of...

    23.11.2013 - 31.12.2020

  • Upper Ironworks

    Upper Ironworks

    Fiskars Museum

    The Industry of the Upper Ironworks in the beginning of the 20th century

    1.5.2012 - 31.12.2022

  • Mateli Kuivalatar- exhibition

    Mateli Kuivalatar- exhibition

    Parppeinvaara poem village

    Small exhibition of rune singer Mateli Kuivalatar is inside the museum buildings from Mateli´s birth home.

    1.6.2012 - 31.12.2020

  • Elämänlanka


    Vanhalinna Museum

    Elämänlanka esittelee 1800-luvun ihmisen arkea ja elinkaarta tärkeiden virstanpylväiden kuten naimisiinmenon...

    January 2006 - December 2030

  • Tove Jansson

    Tove Jansson

    HAM Helsinki Art Museum

    Tove Jansson was an artist of many talents: she was a painter, author, illustrator and comic artist. She was...

    29.1.2016 - 31.12.2030

  • Life at Fiskars Ironworks

    Life at Fiskars Ironworks

    Fiskars Museum

    The museum building on Hammarbacken shows the lives of the Ironworkers from the 17th century to this day.

    1.6.2014 - 31.12.2024

  • The Rune Singer's House

    The Rune Singer's House

    Parppeinvaara poem village

    The Rune Singer's House was built in 1964 to commemorate the bards and the Karelian architecture. The...

    1.6.2012 - 31.12.2020

  • Möhkö at war

    Möhkö at war

    Möhkö Ironworks Museum

    World War Two destroyed Möhkö village badly. Its moments of fate took place 7.12.1939 as the Soviet troops...

    1.1.2010 - 31.12.2020

  • The Mesikkä Animal Museum

    The Mesikkä Animal Museum

    Parppeinvaara poem village

    The exhibition in the Mesikkä Animal Museum centers around the relationship between people and nature; the...

    1.6.2012 - 31.12.2020

  • Kotimuseo


    Vanhalinna Museum

    Kotimuseo esittelee sotien jälkeistä elämää ja viimeisen yksityisen omistajan Wanhalinna-suvun vaiheita.

    January 2006 - December 2030

  • Pakohuone: Kultaisen joutsenen tapaus

    Pakohuone: Kultaisen joutsenen tapaus

    Vanhalinna Museum

    Arvoitus odottaa ratkaisijaa. Osaatko sinä ja ystäväsi ratkaista kultaisen joutsenen arvoituksen?

    April 2019 - January 2024

  • "Leipä saa muuttua, muttei puuttua"  - maanviljelyksen ja ruoantuotannon historiaa

    "Leipä saa muuttua, muttei puuttua" - maanviljelyksen ja ruoantuotannon historiaa

    Vanhalinna Museum

    Maanviljelyksen ja ruuantuotannon historiaa 1800-luvun Suomessa.

    18.5.2019 - 00 2024

  • A Widow and a Bachelor

    A Widow and a Bachelor

    Fiskars Museum

    At home in war and peace

    1.5.2013 - 31.12.2023

  • Möhkö of the forests

    Möhkö of the forests

    Möhkö Ironworks Museum

    Möhkö of the forests -exhibition tells about the traditions of logging and log floating as well as the...

    1.1.2010 - 31.12.2020

  • Genderfuck 1900

    Genderfuck 1900

    HAM Helsinki Art Museum

    Genderfuck 1900 will update the recent heated discourse on gender, male and female roles and their...

    1.11.2019 - August 2020

  • From "malavi" to "sukuna"- the story of iron

    From "malavi" to "sukuna"- the story of iron

    Möhkö Ironworks Museum

    From "malavi" to "sukuna"—the story of iron - exhibition demonstrates the course of iron...

    1.1.2010 - 31.12.2020

  • Border, Raappana, Rukajärvi

    Border, Raappana, Rukajärvi

    Parppeinvaara poem village

    This Border Generals Cabin functioned as the command post and lodging of Major General Erkki Johannes...

    1.6.2012 - 31.12.2020

  • Gallery Moletti 2020

    Gallery Moletti 2020

    Forssa museum

    Art exhibitions at the museum gallery. Free entrance.

    8.1.2020 - 3.1.2021

  • Dear passengers

    Dear passengers

    Fiskars Museum

    Memories about Pikku-Pässi train in Fiskars.

    30.11.2019 - 29.9.2021


Frequently asked questions: museum card as a gift

1. How does Museum Card function in gift use?

When you buy a Museum Card as a gift online or at a Museum Card museum you get a temporary, 12-digit customer number, that can be given to anybody. With the number, the gift receiver gets immediate access to all the card points and the validity period starts from the moment of the first museum visit. This means you can give the gift for example at Christmas and the gift receiver can make their first museum visit for example in February. In this case, the validity is activated only from the moment of that visit. 
With the customer number, the receiver registers as a Museum Card user and on the basis of this registration information, a plastic Museum Card with relief letters is sent by post to them. We recommend that the gift receiver registers as a Museum Card user as soon as possible. If the gift receiver visits a museum with the number without having yet registered , the registering has to be done within two weeks from that museum visit.
If the gift receiver already has in use a Museum Card, they can at the Customer Pages combine the new unused card with the 12 months of the card already in use.

2. Do you get immediate access to a museum with a Museum Card you receive as a gift?

You get immediate access to the Museum Card points with a customer number bought as a gift. In the case of gift envelope orders, the receiver gets the customer number by post. In the case of digital gifts, the buyer can define the date of delivery, so the receiver can for example start using the card right away. This means we recommend a digital order if you for example are planning a museum trip together with the gift receiver next week.

3. When does the validity period of a Museum Card received as a gift start?

The validity period of a Museum Card always starts only at the moment of the first museum visit. This means the validity period of a card you have received as a gift starts only when the first visit to a Museum Card point is registered.

4. Where and how can you buy a Museum Card as a gift?

A Museum Card can be bought as a gift in the webshop and at the Museum Card museums. You can buy just as many gift Museum Cards at one time as you want. At the moment of buying, you don’t have to know the names of the gift receivers yet. At the card points, the gift can be paid in cash or by card and in our webshop, debit and credit cards as well as webbank payment are possible as paying methods.
In the Museum Card webshop, it’s possible to buy the gift either as a gift envelope that is sent by post or as a digital gift, which will be sent by email and text message to the gift receiver. The delivery date of the digital gift you chose yourself, and in the email you can also add greetings or congratulations to the gift receiver.
At the Museum Card museums you get a temporary Museum Card, which you can give as a gift to anyone you want.

5. I want to buy a card as a gift, but what if the gift receiver already has a card?

The Museum Cards can be combined! Thanks to the combining, the giver doesn’t have to worry about the possibility that the gift receiver may already have a Museum Card. When you give a card as a gift, the receiver can themselves prolong the validity period of their current card by combining it with the unused Museum Card they have received. The combining moves the expiration date of the current card one year forward. The combining can be done on the web at the address or at the museum points. Only a completely unused (no registration, no museum visits) Museum Card can be combined with a card already in use.

6. My friend has a Museum Card, can I renew it?

If you want to make your friend happy by renewing their Museum Card, an easy solution is to purchase a completely new Museum Card as a gift for them. The gift receiver combines the validity period of the new card with the card they already have in use. Its expiration date moves one year forward. The combining can be done on the web at the address or at the museum points. Only a completely unused (no registration, no museum visits) Museum Card can be combined with a card already in use.

7. I have received a Museum Card as a gift. What shall I do now?

Now register as a Museum Card user online. The customer number you need for the registration, you will find either on the gift Museum Card in cardboard, in your digital gift that arrived by email and text message, or in the accompanying letter that the ticket service has sent to you. 
The actual, plastic Museum Card in relief print arrives in 1-3 weeks to the postal address which is required when registering. The cards are posted automatically on the basis of the information given, so the user’s name can’t be changed afterwards.

8. I got a Museum Card as a gift and already have a valid Museum Card. What shall I do?

If you have a plastic card and for example get as a gift a completely new Museum Card, you can combine these two cards. The combining can be done either on the Customer page or at a museum. Combining adds another 12-months validity to a plastic card that’s already in use.

Only a completely unused (no registration, no museum visits) Museum Card can be combined with a card already in use. After the combining, the extra customer number is invalidated, and it can’t be used as an entrance ticket to museum points. Two Museum Cards that are already in use can’t be combined. If you want, you can certainly give the “superfluous” Museum Card you have received for example to your wife/husband or friend, who then registers as its user.  This is possible because a card bought as a gift hasn’t been personified for any special person until the registration.

9. Can I give the permanent plastic card as a gift?

The best form of Museum Card as a gift is the temporary card. A Museum Card bought as a gift at a card point or on the web is a temporary card or a customer number, by which the gift receiver can, if they want, get immediate access to the card points, and by which they register as a Museum Card user. A temporary Museum Card suits better for gift use, because the plastic card is sent directly to the card owner’s address on the basis of the registration information, and a receipt of the registration is always immediately sent to the card owner as text message and email, something which on the other hand may reveal the gift too early.

10. In the instructions that come with the gift, you are encouraged to register within two weeks. What does this mean?

It’s preferable for the gift receiver to register as a Museum Card user immediately after receiving the gift. A Museum Card that has been bought as a gift doesn’t expire, because its validity period begins only from the moment of the first time you visit a museum with it. The gift can for example be bought already in November and not be given until Christmas. If you visit a museum with the Museum Card you have received as a gift before the registration, the registration has to be done within two weeks from that visit.
We recommend that when a gift receiver gets the Museum Card, they register as a user a soon as possible. In this way, the user’s information is saved for us and they get a plastic card. The registration helps also in problem situations if the card you received as a gift is for example lost.

11. The gift I bought on the web didn’t reach the receiver, what do I do?

If a gift envelope ordered from the Museum Card webshop doesn’t reach the receiver in 1-2 weeks or if the digital gift doesn’t arrive electronically on the day you chose, please contact the Museum Card customer service by sending an email or week days 9–12 at the number 044 - 784 5745. In the case of the digital gift, it’s also worth checking your trash folder.

12. I want to buy a larger number of Museum Cards for the personnel of our company. What shall I do?

Orders of more than 10 Museum Cards for companies or associations are possible to pay trough invoicing by filling out this form. For more information email: 
If you want to order a smaller number or pay your order by credit card, you can make the purchase at our webshop.

13. What is a campaign code and how does it work?

By using a valid campaign code, it’s possible to get a benefit (for example a longer period of validity) for your Museum Card. The campaign codes only concern new customers, who use it when they register as Museum Card users during the campaign period. The code is fed into the Campaign Code field of the first page of the registration form.

Please notice that the benefit can only be used in the registering phase. This means that if you have earlier registered as a Museum Card user, if you when registering forget to use your campaign code or if you use an expired campaign code, it can’t be added to your Museum Card afterwards.

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