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Apothecary's Trade House

Serlachius museum Gustaf

  • 14.12.2013–31.12.2020

An old pharmacy traded with many other things than merely medicines. In our functional workshops you can learn about the operations and professions of an old pharmacy.


The Apothecary's Trade House is a workshop exhibition particularly for children and young people, that leads us to the times of G.A. Serlachius. Its touchable and testable exhibits provide interesting activities to adults as well.

In the Apothecary's Trade House the visitors are guidedly or independly able to participate by taking photographs, by working as a sales clerk or by identifying herbs. The working methods of and old times pharmacy are also shown on videos.

The Apothecary's Trade House suits excellently among others for pupils, who will get acquainted hands-on with trading in the old days and usage of herbs.

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Serlachius museum Gustaf
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Admission with Museum Card

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