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Pharmacy Museum and The Qwensel House

Lntinen Rantakatu 13b,
20100 Turku

The oldest surviving wooden house in Turku holds charming chambers as well as Finland's oldest pharmacy interior.


The Pharmacy Museum will lead you into the history of medicine. The Qwensel House displays the life and home of the gentry in 18th century Turku.

The entrance to the museum is through the courtyard. There is also a small museumshop next to ticketing office.

In the summer the beautiful courtyard comes to life. The quaint Caf Qwensel offers home-made treats in 18th century fashion. Children are welcome to play apothecary in the Children's Pharmacy.

During Christmas Season the Qwensel House offers a heart-warming refuge from all the buzz and fuss of the city centre. Christmas in the museum is all about ambience.

NB. In accordance with the Finnish Governments decision Pharmacy Museum and The Qwensel House will reopen on the 1st June 2020. Guided tours and events are all cancelled until the end of July.

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Pharmacy Museum and The Qwensel House
Lntinen Rantakatu 13b, 20100 Turku

(02) 262 0280

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Admission with Museum Card
Admission with Museum Card


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Kteinen, useimmat luotto- ja debit-kortit.

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