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Exhibition calendar
Exhibition calendar

The exhibition calendar is for looking up exhibitions and events of Finnish museums by theme, period and region. The calendar data is maintained by museums. Not all exhibitions have a description in English, but you may directly contact the museums for more details.

Spoils of Riches - Stories of the Vrouw Maria and the St. Michel

The Ships were on their way from Amsterdam to St. Petersburg but sank off the coast of Finland, the St. Michel in 1747 and the Vrouw Maria in 1771. Spoils of Riches tells the story of the ships, presenting installations built of the findings recovered from the wrecks as well as 18th century paintings borrowed from Dutch museums. At Forum Marinum until 6.4.2014.

Peace - An exhibition on the Abolition of War

Polish artists Ewa Harabasz and Krzysztof Wodiczko, who have worked for several decades in the United States, will bring their exhibition to Vaasa for the spring. PEACE - An exhibition on the Abolition of War is critical of the culture of violence. At Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art until 20.4.2014.

Rudolf Steiner - Designer of the Everyday

The exhibition Designer of the Everyday - Rudolf Steiner is the first comprehensive study of the thinking and works of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), and of his wide-ranging cultural influence. At EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art until 11.5.2014.

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